The objective of a Reserve Study is to monitor the present status of a community’s
reserve fund and account for its anticipated expenses. In doing so, a Reserve Study
acts as a financial-planning system. By forecasting and then establishing the short-
and long-term budgeting needs for your community, the Reserve Study evaluation
works to ensure that adequate funds exist for the replacement or major repair of any
component of the property as it becomes necessary, and it prevents the need for
case-by-case special assessments.

In order to build a study that is the greatest value to the association, our Reserve
Study employs a reasonable approach when evaluating your community. Our
inspection goal is to determine the current condition, the remaining useful life, and
the replacement cost of the community’s assets. Current industry developments
and products are considered based on the merits they bring to the replacement
decision. This means that we attempt to predict (based on the economics and the
association’s objectives) the best value replacement. We also look at a reasonable
funding approach. The association needs sufficient funds for anticipated expenses,
but during these difficult financial times, it should not overly assess owners to build
an excessive “war chest.” This long-term planning also benefits the yearly budget
planning and maintenance decisions.

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