ag-vpic1Asset Guardians is a St. Louis, Missouri-based reserve study company serving throughout Missouri and the Midwest. We develop reserve studies to accurately document, anticipate, and manage long-term financial expenses for the community-owned property of Homeowner and Condominium Associations. With more than 20 years of experience with property and construction management in residential, town home, and condominium associations, we offer a complete, detailed financial analysis of your property and amenity assets.

We start with a community inspection, review maintenance and repair history, and prepare a condition report with financial conclusions that help forecast your community’s reserve needs. Our solution, constructed from proven study methodology, will help verify your community’s improvement needs and advise you on issues that can impact the budget and cause a loss of financial resources. Using proven software tools that calculate your short- and long-term funding requirements, we are equipped to deliver both physical and financial reporting for your community. With our commitment to excellence and service, we provide solutions you need today and in the future.