ag-pic10Construction management allows a community or commercial entity to hire a construction professional to act on their behalf and handle the details of large repairs and replacements. Most communities and association boards do not have the time, talent, or experience to manage large scale projects for their community. Community demand and preventative maintenance scheduling is a vital part of upholding the community’s standard of living and property values.

There are a lot of steps involved in hiring a construction contractor and overseeing the project. If you hire us to manage your construction for you, these are the steps we will take to ensure your property is in the right hands:


When a community’s roof, siding, decks, asphalt, retaining walls, flatwork, and similar replacements are made, there is work to be done. Specifications must be drafted, qualified contractors identified, bids solicited, contractor ideas rationalized, bids compared, and a contractor selected.


The quotation/bid must be reduced to a contract protecting the association against contractor failure, a warranty negotiated, and collateral damage defined, insurance for property and personal injury and worker’s comp insurance validated. Staging work, safety notices and barricades erected, homeowners notified, materials staged, and machinery on the job kept safe.


Work-in-process Inspections ensure that specs are met, change orders are needed for defects exposed, permits issued, and inspections are signed off. The selected contractor’s employees must be on the job every day and make continuous progress. Progress payments must be made. If financed, lender documents must be filed.


Material and hardware warranties are collected, validated, and filed. Permits signed off. Retention payments are staged and made. Contract documents are assembled and filed. Schedules of warranty by expiration on materials, equipment and labor are programmed and checked.

If you are on the board, you volunteered to ensure your community assets are protected and that work gets completed. Do you want the responsibility of doing all this personally? Let us do this for you. If you are a property manager, give your community the comfort and peace of mind of our construction services.


We are not contractors and we do not charge contractor’s fees. We provide construction services. Do you know how to qualify contractors technically and financially? We know the insurance coverage needed and validate expiration dates. One expired insurance contract could cost a community over $1M.

For your peace of mind, discover how Asset Guardians can take the hard work and risk out of construction. Your peace of mind is on our mind. We protect assets–it’s in our name!

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