Rome’s armies were undefeated for 1,000 years. Their soldiers used shields linked together, protecting each other against all weapons and attack strategies. Teamwork and discipline held the shields together. They were invincible.

The Asset Guardians logo, inspired by the Roman shield, represents the protection we provide Condominium and Home Owners Associations through our services. Our Reserve Studies and Construction Management services protect property from Associations’ modern-day enemies: the barbarians of age, weather, and time. Our FHA Certification service helps Associations gain and retain the residents who populate their communities.

When Associations stand behind the Asset Guardians shield, they, too, can be invincible.
Unit Owners and their Directors aligned with Asset Guardians gain the power of the shield, adding value to their communities. Higher resale prices, pride of ownership, and peace of mind are just some of the benefits gained from an alliance with Asset Guardians.

An alliance is a promise to guard and protect through thick and thin.

Our mission is to protect community assets and add value through a lasting partnership with our clients.

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