Our Founder-

Doug Gardner, Asset Guardians founder, holds a degree in engineering from UCLA.  On graduation he took a position as a structural engineer at Lockheed.  Assigned to the famed Skunk Works he was on the design team that designed the first ejection seats on the F94 all weather fighters, saving pilot’s lives.

Doug joined Beckman when they landed the contract for production of Mass Spectrometers at Oak Ridge.  Over the next 15 years he advanced to the position as Manager of research and engineering for this Fortune 500 Company producing ph meters, spectropotometers, and chromatographs.

At Fisher Scientific, Doug took command of Fisher’s instrument division, building a plant in Indiana, PA for manufacture of laboratory furniture, and introducing ph meters, and blood analyzers. At Varian Associates, Doug took Techtron, in Melbourne, Australia, to a global lead in Atomic Adsorption Spectrophotomiters in competition with US and Japanese companies.

At McDonnell Douglas, Doug founded a new company, Vitek Systems, producing an automated microbiology system.  The Vitek products are today the global leader in providing automated microbiology to hospitals.

In 1982, Doug founded Capital Management Group, Inc. providing construction and management multifamily services and DNI Properties, provider of management services to condominiums and subdivisions. Capital Management has built and renovated Multi Family and commercial properties in CA, AR, MO, and GA.  The company took the lead in introduction of automated vehicle gates, capital renovations, and introduction of day care centers, and added personal fitness training services for tenants.

DNI, founded in 1982 by Doug, is a leading provider of association  management services in Missouri. Thirty-five years on, DNI is a leading provider of services for condominiums and subdivisions in Missouri.

In 2011, Doug founded Asset Guardians. He brought to Asset Guardians the experience and know how acquired in operating a management company and in high tech design and development of products and services.

Our General Manager-

Kris Kern, our General Manager,  has 15 years of experience as a contractor. Kris has assembled a team of over 20 construction specialists to participate in the construction management services.  Each is called to participate and contributed in review of specifications selecting of contractors, and management oversight.  This team is local, in Missouri.  That is the Asset Guardians difference.