We understand that the needs of an association extend beyond a single reserve report. Here we outline ways our services go above and beyond the industry standard. Understand exactly what you gain with Asset Guardians.

Qualified Professionals

A truly effective Reserve Study Analysis requires complex engineering and technical knowhow.

Asset Guardians has access to licensed engineers and architects who can determine the useful life of every community asset to ensure the highest quality report. Furthermore, we draw on the construction management expertise of our team with an aggregate of over 120 years of management and construction experience when it comes time to repair or replace those assets.

Personalized Experience

Each client has unique needs. Reserve Studies are not a “cookie cutter” product. Owners and directors differ in their standards of quality and what they want to spend. Others address this simply by taking a community’s time horizon and the risks and impact of special assessments into account.

Asset Guardians further personalizes the client experience by working locally with clients we meet and know. We visit with directors and owners as we collect data and prepare our report. Our Reserve Studies are tailored to fit the unique needs of each client.

Owner/Board Presentation

Owners want to understand the benefits of the Reserve Study they are paying for. They need to understand how it sets correct levels of assessments to maintain assets, increasing resale prices in their community. It is standard across the industry to explain a community’s assessment fees.

Asset Guardians supports this with an in-person presentation before the community Owners at their next annual meeting. In addition to explaining how Reserve Studies are used to set assessments, this presentation covers the relationship of reserve funding to resale values and pride of ownership.

Ongoing Support

Directors need coaching and guidance in translating the Reserve Study into an action plan. Reserve Studies generally address this by providing guidance in setting and collecting assessments and funding Reserves upon delivery of the report.

The Reserve Analysts at Asset Guardians remain accessible to directors throughout the useful life of the Reserve Study. We provide guidance in annual budget preparation using Reserve Study data. We participate in making the Reserve Study a proactive management tool.

Annual Updates

Financial parameters, inflation rates, interest rates, and component lives are constantly shifting. A Reserve Study uses historical trends to provide educated projections. Many Reserve Analysts leave it at that.

Asset Guardians provides annual revisions to the Reserve Study’s financial parameters based on the current financial condition we see each year.

Discounted Renewals

Reserve Studies have limited lives. Unexpected economic changes, weather, and deterioration occur. Regularly updated Reserve Study Reports account for these changes.

We keep in touch with directors after handing over the Reserve Study. Asset Guardians is able to update the data that goes into Reserve Reports. New Reserve Reports are offered at a discount. With periodic updates, funding for replacements is not overlooked.

Construction Management Services

Maintaining Asset values and resale prices requires bidding, contracts and supervision. On contract execution, project management is needed for compliance. Work must be done to code using state-of-the-art construction practices. Contracts, notices, permits, inspections, and more are involved in this process. Directors and property managers are not  burdened with the additional tasks of construction.

Our team of construction management experts select qualified contractors to bid, draw up contract forms, and provide project management services including in-process inspections, lien waivers, and code inspections. Our construction administration fees are much lower than general contractors’ fees.