• ag-pic7Maintains higher property values. By ensuring that funds always exist to keep a
    community’s assets maintained and functional, the value of the community maintains
    better resale value.
  • Promotes resales and lenders’ acceptance.Today’s purchasers and
    lenders are closely examining an association’s finances before making
    commitments. A strong Reserve Study and adequate reserves illustrate an
    association’s financial health and endurance.
  • Reduces special assessments. Using a Reserve Study to aid in medium- and long-range
    planning greatly reduces the need for special assessments. This assists personal financial
    planning and reduces the uncertainty and fear of ownership.
  • Fulfills the board’s fiduciary responsibility. The association’s managing trustees
    or directors are legally bound to exercise prudent and sound business judgment in
    administering the financial and daily business of the association. This means planning
  • Identifies problem areas. By highlighting items that need immediate attention or
    routine maintenance, a Reserve Study extends useful lives and minimizes costs. An ounce
    of prevention is worth a pound of cure.
  • Implements a pay-as-you-go process. By assessing the correct reserve amounts now,
    you are asking the people receiving the benefits of the amenity/asset to contribute only
    toward the useful life extracted during their enjoyment. Current owners are not assessed
    for what previous owners did not pay.